3 Tips for Choosing A Dinner Menu the Whole Family Will Love - Cowboy Chicken

3 Tips for Choosing A Dinner Menu the Whole Family Will Love

April 9 2019

Dinnertime doesn’t have to feel like a chore. There’s something on the Cowboy Chicken menu that even the smallest Cowboy will love.

When it comes to feeding our family, the biggest dilemma is finding something healthy and delicious that the whole family can enjoy. Our family-owned business was born from trying to master one of our favorite family meals: dinner!

Our founder Phil Sanders and his wife Jeanette pioneered rotisserie chicken in their own backyard. It wasn’t long before family and friends were lining up for Cowboy Phil’s chicken and in 1981 the first Cowboy Chicken restaurant was opened. Our recipes have stood the test of time and remain bold, simple, and natural. That’s how we know that even your family’s picky eaters will love our family dinner menu options.

Just remember that when it comes to feeding family and friends there are 3 keys to making dinner a success:

  1.  Offer a variety of options.
  2.  Allow them to choose what goes on their plates.
  3.  Reward a clean plate with dessert.

The Cowboy Chicken menu offers a wide variety of dinner menu options that can even satisfy a vegetarian palate. We also offer plenty of Wild West sides to load up on your wood fire chicken rotisserie plate. And you won’t want to leave Cowboy Chicken without trying one (or all) of our yummy desserts. Our favorite is Jeanette’s Homemade Peach Cobbler or a Fudge Nut Brownie.

Now that the dinner dilemma is solved, dig in and explore the Cowboy Chicken menu!
Gather your family and enjoy some really good grub for dinner. Text “COWBOY CHICKEN” to 33683 and get 20% off your next meal.