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The spark that started it all.

Phil Sanders loved Western movies. The cowboys drew from nature and found happiness in simple things. Phil decided he wanted a taste of this way of life, so he and his wife Jeanette set out to perfect wood fired food right in their backyard. In 1981, they opened their first restaurant and Cowboy Chicken was born.

Natural has a flavor all its own

The only thing you will find here is all-natural chicken that is fresh, never frozen, and slow roasted over real wood. For flavor that’s bold, simple and natural.

The secret rub

Every Cowboy Chicken is covered in our secret dry rub before it is fire roasted. A recipe that we have perfected over the course of years. Our dry rub gives our chicken that familiar flavor you enjoy and helps form that dark golden crispy skin you crave.

The main

Cowboy Chicken fire roasts all their rotisserie chicken over locally sourced wood.

by fire.

Slow roasting over real wood takes care and attention. Unlike restaurants that fire their rotisserie with gas, Cowboy Chicken believes that no other cooking method compares to real wood, patience, and a passion for time-tested recipes.

Flavor to
the bone.

It is not just one thing that makes Cowboy Chicken legendary. While some claim it is the crispy skin that keeps them coming back, others say the juicy, tender meat sets it apart. The slow roasting over real wood. Or our secret recipe dry rub. To be honest, we do not think about it too hard. We just enjoy it.