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5 Tips To Score Big At Your Football Watching Party

December 26 2023

Ready to host the greatest Big Game party ever? It’s time to kick your preparations into high gear for the ultimate game-day celebration. Whether your hosting style is traditional or innovative, these 5 game-changing tips will make your party stand out, delighting your guests. From cultivating the perfect atmosphere to curating an MVP-worthy wing spread, we’ve got the winning playbook to make your Big Game celebration one that will be talked about for years to come.

Create A Winning Atmosphere

Getting the vibe just right for any party is crucial. A lively atmosphere will keep everyone engaged, no matter which team they’re rooting for. The goal is to make every guest feel welcome. When it comes to decking out your space, you’ve got choices. You can opt for a safe bet with a neutral football theme, or take it up a notch by incorporating decor that represents each team —think team colors, jerseys, and spirited banners. Encourage your guests to come dressed in their favorite team gear to add some friendly competition into the atmosphere.

Elevate the game-day experience by transforming your space with creative decorations that make your guests feel like they’re on the sidelines. From football-themed drink stirrers to a festive concession stand sign, the act of decorating becomes a huge part of the party’s fun. Consider dividing your viewing space in half, with one side decked in one team’s colors and the other in the opposing team’s hues. This way, your guests can pick their spot based on their team preference and cheer them on in style. Since the screen is where all the action unfolds, create a cozy seating arrangement so that your guests can fully savor the game together. If friends and loved ones are going to spend a couple of hours enjoying a sports game, you’ll want to maximize the enjoyment across the board.

Wing It With An MVP Menu

The star of the show at any Big Game party is always the food: wings, pizza, chips, and dip— these are essential for any winning spread. People come to indulge in their favorite snacks and want to sample a variety of foods and beverages. While fan favorites like chips, dips, and veggie sticks are must-haves for your Big Game spread, elevating the experience to a tastebud touchdown requires a standout addition: Cowboy Chicken’s all-new wings!

These bone-in, cooked-to-order wings are a true treat – all-natural, hormone-free, and available in mouthwatering flavors such as buffalo, BBQ, lemon pepper, and Nashville Hot. No sports viewing party is complete without a tray of sticky, sweet, and tangy chicken wings. Prepare a range of flavors from spicy to sweet and have a few dipping sauces (like ranch or blue cheese dressing), on the side. Wings are the perfect finger food, but be sure to have plenty of cocktail napkins ready for these fall-off-the-bone, finger-licking goods! Take your spread to the next level by adding on some Wild West Sides, rolls, and a gallon of tea or lemonade for an extra kick of flavor!

Give out stadium snack packs

No party host wants to be stuck cleaning up spills and messes throughout the event. Keep the atmosphere fun and carefree by ensuring that your food is easily mobile. Instead of plates, give your guests convenient-to-carry cardboard trays or miniature boxes for a personalized dining experience. With this setup, your friends and loved ones can effortlessly make multiple trips to the table to load up on wings, snacks, and drinks, all without the risk of spills or the need for excessive cleanup later.

Allow your guests to take their snacking experience into their own hands by customizing their boxes, mixing, and matching from the array of pre-prepared snacks. Not only does this add a personal touch to their dining experience, but it also minimizes the post-party cleanup effort. Once the festivities wind down, these simple packs make tidying up a breeze. Plus, for those on the move, your guests can conveniently take their snack packs with them, ensuring the party vibe goes beyond your doorstep.

Engage in Friendly Competition

Let’s face it – not all your guests are there to keep track of the game’s score. Many simply enjoy the chance to gather with friends and family, savor amazing food, and have an overall good time. Ensure there’s something for everyone at your party. To keep the camaraderie and competitive spirit alive, add some entertaining party games throughout the event, such as Big Game commercial bingo! For the majority of Big Game watchers, commercials are a huge part of the fun. Prepare bingo cards in advance for your guests, incorporating squares for anticipated brands, the tone of the commercials, and elements like props or celebrity appearances that you anticipate. Amp up the excitement by offering swag bags or small prizes for the winners. Incorporating engaging activities like these adds an extra layer of enjoyment and energy to your event. If there are children in attendance, print out some fun football-themed coloring pages, or add some kid-friendly activities to a table to make a station just for the kiddos to explore and enjoy. After all, a memorable Big Game party is not just about the game—it’s about creating lasting moments for everyone in attendance.

Don’t Fumble The Viewing Experience

A Big Game viewing party without a TV or access to the network provider? Unthinkable! Besides the food, the television is the cornerstone of your event. Ensuring you have a reliable means to tune into the game is paramount. Subscribe to any necessary sports channels or streaming sites well before kickoff to avoid any potential viewing hiccups for your guests. Additionally, check that your TV screen is big enough to accommodate the number of guests you plan to host. Don’t be afraid to bring other TVs to your home to create a well-rounded viewing experience! Missing out on the epic halftime show or game-winning touchdowns is a party foul you want to avoid; after all, you wouldn’t want to risk making enemies on game day. The key to a successful Big Game bash lies in the details, and a crystal-clear view of the action is non-negotiable!

Creating an unforgettable Big Game party revolves around delivering great food and an exceptional guest experience—two things we’re all about here at Cowboy Chicken. If you’re hosting a viewing party at home, feed and delight your guests by ordering the all-new Cowboy Chicken wings – the undisputed star that will guarantee your party scores big! Give us a call or browse our catering menu online, we’ve got you covered this Big Game Sunday!