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Assistant Manager Summer Boyett Reflects on Her Decade with Cowboy Chicken

August 2 2021

40th Anniversary Team Member Spotlight

Summer Boyett began her Cowboy Chicken journey at the Greenville Avenue location in Dallas as a 16-year-old cashier in 2010. Today, she is the assistant manager of the chain’s Preston Road location in North Dallas.

Her career with Cowboy Chicken spans almost 11 years, and Boyett has worked her way up through five positions: cashier, delivery coordinator, shift supervisor, assistant manager and general manager.

Cowboy Chicken has taught Boyett how to operate a business efficiently and develop relationships with her staff to create a warm and inviting environment. The family environment and constant opportunity for growth have kept Boyett with Cowboy Chicken, and her biggest mentor has been company president Sean Kennedy. He was very patient and taught her how to run the business day in and day out when she first became a general manager at 19.

The fondest memory Boyett has at Cowboy Chicken is during a time that isn’t usually remembered fondly—when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Boyett received support from Pat Shotwell, director of corporate operations, for which she is forever grateful. Being treated like a member of the family since she was 16 makes Boyett proud to be a part of Cowboy Chicken’s 40th anniversary.

Fun fact: Boyett’s favorite menu item is the Banana Puddin’.