Brazenly Bold & Balanced. All-New Bolero Bowls by Chef Eddie Russell. - Cowboy Chicken

Brazenly Bold & Balanced.
All-New Bolero Bowls
by Chef Eddie Russell.

August 20 2019

Check out the all-new Bolero Bowls – three distinct and flavorful options to satisfy and fuel your inner cowboy. The bowls were created in partnership with Chef Eddie Russell, an ingredient-driven connoisseur committed to conscious food sourcing and home-cooking. Chef Eddie believes Cowboy Chicken’s fresh, never frozen, all-natural chicken, which is hand seasoned and roasted over a wood burning fire, is the “best damn chicken” he’s ever had. Chef Eddie celebrates the rich and savory history of Texas with his Campfire, Triple Green, and Durango Bolero Bowl creations. Check out the video below to hear from Chef Eddie about how helped create the new Bolero Bowls for Cowboy Chicken.

Campfire Bowl

This bowl starts out with roasted corn and blend of tomatoes and caramelized onions. It’s topped with our signature rotisserie chicken and dressed with housemade creamy avocado sauce. As a finishing touch, cilantro and fresh cotija cheese is finely sprinkled on top of this insanely delicious bowl.

Triple Green

This simple and healthy bowl is fresh and guilt-free. Our signature rotisserie chicken and chicken cracklins over a bed of seasoned Brussels sprouts, green beans, and kale satisfy without breaking your diet. The bowl is tied together with a spicy and zesty housemade chipotle ranch dressing and crispy fried kale mix. No belt buckles popping here!

The Durango

This bowl is a homage to the traditional Latin “arroz con pollo” dish. Homemade ranchero beans, Spanish rice, and mix of fresh and roasted tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers are a simple yet satisfying combination. To top it off, our signature rotisserie chicken is drizzled with creamy avocado sauce and roasted red pepper salsa. Chef Eddie was inspired to create a bowl with the spicy and rich influence of Latin food and the vast frontier history of Southwestern cuisine.

We guarantee the Bolero Bowls will be the most satisfying meal of your day. So pull up a chair, we’ve got plenty to share.