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Cowboy Cocktails: Spicy Margarita made with Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade

June 10 2021

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Sweet, tangy, with a kick of spice. This summer, Cowboy Chicken is serving up a refreshing summertime classic — with a little bite! Our Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade is the perfect reason to round up all of your (legal drinking) friends, kick back, and chill out with an icy cold cocktail. With its bold and tangy flavor, this spiked spicy lemonade is sure to be a fan favorite for every picnic, barbecue, brunch, or bonfire. By just adding our freshly made Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade to your favorite tequila, you can craft the easiest, tastiest margarita you’ve ever tasted! Just a few simple ingredients are all it takes to whip these tangy treats up.

While our Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade also pairs great with rum or vodka, for this recipe, we recommend using silver tequila.

The following recipe intended for readers over 21 – please drink responsibly.

For this recipe, you’ll need: Tequila (of your choice), Cowboy Chicken Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade, sliced jalapenos (optional), sliced cucumbers, Tajin seasoning, lemon slices (optional), and ice.

2 Cups of Cucumber Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade from Cowboy Chicken
1/2 Cup of silver tequila
1 oz orange liqueur
1/2 simple syrup/agave nectar
1 oz fresh lime juice
2 cups of ice

Garnish (optional)
Lemon, sliced
Jalapeno, sliced
Cucumber, sliced
Fresh Mint leaves


  1. Combine all ingredients into a blender and blend until frothy smooth.
  2. Use (4) 8oz glasses rimmed with Tajin seasoning or salt
  3. Pour margaritas into glasses and add ice
  4. Garnish with cucumber, jalapeño, lemon, lime, or mint as desired.
  5. Serve immediately

Best served with a side of our chips and salsa!

We can all agree, when it comes to refreshing summer drinks, there’s really nothing like lemonade on a hot day – and there’s really nothing like this spicy margarita! Use lots of ice and pour into a chilled, rimmed glass for a kick of spicy, smooth, refreshing flavor.

All good things come to an end, and our lemonade is only available for a short time, so be sure to stop into your local Cowboy Chicken so you can scoop up a gallon of our Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade before it flies the coop!

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