Try The Pie! Our Jiffy Corn Pie Corrals Two Family Histories - Cowboy Chicken

Try The Pie! Our Jiffy Corn Pie Corrals Two Family Histories

October 13 2021


There’s a new dish in town, and it’s part of a great mashup of two family-owned companies. Cowboy Chicken celebrates 40 years of home-grown cooking in 2021, and it commemorates this milestone by partnering with “JIFFY” Mix to introduce Jiffy corn pie at all restaurants.

Jiffy corn pie—a throwback dish made with buttery sweet cornbread and kernel corn—is the perfect addition to one of the new turkey plates or as an accompanying Wild West Side for Cowboy Chicken’s satisfying family meals or plates featuring crispy drumsticks or half a wood-fired chicken. Heck, order up a slice and have it with our famous chicken enchiladas. Jiffy corn pie goes with everything!

Cowboy Chicken started back in 1981 when our founder “Cowboy Phil” Sanders’ passion for old Western movies led him to develop his successful, fast casual restaurant chain that so many families enjoy today. The cowboy way of life appealed to Sanders, and he and his wife Jeanette set out to craft the perfect wood-fired chicken over open flames right in their own backyard. Once they found their recipe for juicy, smoky rotisserie chicken, they opened their first Cowboy Chicken restaurant in Dallas.

Celebrating an incredible 120 years in 2021, “JIFFY” Mix is made by Chelsea Milling Company, a family-owned business established by Harmon S. Holmes as a flour mill in 1901. During the Great Depression, Mabel White Holmes, Harmon’s daughter-in-law created a pre-made mix that would help single fathers and busy working families make better biscuits. Affordable “JIFFY” Mixes only required milk to be added to create perfect, fluffy baked goods, cutting down on time and helping many families who had been affected by the Great Depression.

We invite you to celebrate a combined 160 years of quality comfort food with Cowboy Chicken and “JIFFY” Mix by trying out a scoop of this comforting, satisfying pie. Find your nearest Cowboy Chicken location and try this perfect pairing of two home-grown companies.